Have the roads all gone to pot?

Pot holes seem to be becoming more and more of a danger on our roads these days, but why are they getting worse?

Is the weather getting worse, which is causing the problem?

Are the roads just not being repaired quickly enough?

Are they not being repaired correctly?

Or is it another reason?

Pot holes seem to develop when a small part of the tarmac on the surface starts to break up and loosen away from the under surface. Rain then gets into this small hole and when the weather is cold enough, it freezes and expands, forcing more of the small hole to break up. This is now only a matter of time, as day after day of rain mixed with cold weather takes in toll on the tarmac and breaks it up more and more.

The solution adopted by most local councils, is then to do a temporary repair, where new tarmac is filled into the hole and sealed. From my experience of what I’ve seen on my local roads, is that while this is a great fix, it doesn’t seem to last more than another year or two before the hole starts to appear again.

With the potential repair bill running into thousands of pounds for some vehicles that have gone ‘potholing’ unintentionally, it’s a serious risk for road users!

I’m just thankful I’m in a car; on two wheels it must be hell trying to avoid potholes!

What are the state of the roads where you are?

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