So why do people fail to pass the driving test?

While there are many reasons, like a lack of understanding of what’s required during the test and what the examiner’s expecting, or just not enough practice and experience to be able to pass.

The main reason has to be nerves on the day, but what can be done to overcome this and why get so nervous about the test?

I guess nerves really come from the fear of failing. Not wanting the embarrassment of telling friends and family that they haven’t passed. It could come from the disbelief that they can’t actually drive. It can come from years of trying to learn to drive and a lack of support and encouragement to pass.

From experience, pupils tend to find that the driving test is not as scary as they imagined it would be at the first attempt. The examiners are just doing their job and as long as you make safe decisions and show an understanding of how to drive correctly, you will pass. So many times when a pupil fails, they kick themselves afterwards, usually followed by the comment ‘if only I hadn’t done that!’

So what else can you do to help control the nerves on the day?

  • Positive support from friends and family
  • Some kind of rescue remedy
  • Hypnosis
  • Good night’s sleep, the night before

Anyone got any other suggestions they have either tried or heard of that might help?

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